• Stable Commercial Grade Canopies and Tents that provide comfort in a open relaxed environment.
  • Anodized Aluminum is used for some of the canopy center poles. Aluminum will have a greater resistance to elements and look very appealing.
  • Unique foot cups, which cover the special double headed ground stakes and give the canopy a sleek appearance.
  • 500 Denier Oxford Polyester Fabric – Lightweight, Durable, Water Resistant, Fire Retardant, and UV Protected, this ensures that you will be able to enjoy your event with comfort: Mitigating any issue with weather changes, privacy, and intense sun.
  • Special Fittings – added strength and stability.
  • Joint Fittings – assuring safety and convenience for your special event



There are several different styles of tents and each one has its own installation process. Just as there are many styles of tents, there are many ways to anchor them into the ground to secure them. All tents require anchoring but the type of anchoring is determined by the style of the tent and the surface the tent is to be installed on. For your installation we would also exercise the option of additional strap support that is 900lb pull-metal-strap technology.
We pride ourselves in providing the safest and most comfortable experience for you and your guests.

Staking (Asphalt, Grass, Clay, Sandy Loam):

The proper method of securing tents is by staking the tent into the surface. Different style stakes are used for different type of surfaces. For your installation we have a variety of options including 24"- 42" long 1" diameter double-headed steel stakes. This will penetrate asphalt, clay and sandy loam. We use a sledge hammer to drive the stakes into the surface by hand.

When penetrating the surface to secure a tent is not an option, anchoring a tent to water barrels is an alternative. 55 gallon barrels are filled with water to create a 100-400lb weight.

Lighting accessories can vary dramatically. Almost any type of lighting fixture can be hung in a tent. All of our hang points are inserted into the frame during the building of the tent so there are no large unsightly brackets holding fixtures to the tent. We stock specialty party lighting like twinkle lights, paper lantern lighting, chandeliers, modern fixtures and candleiers.


Lighting is a very important aspect to the design of the event. It should not only be functional, but the fixtures should match the theme and the glow should create the mood you desire throughout the evening. We can install the entire event, from the task lighting in the kitchen to up-lighting the landscape and setting the mood in your tent.